Write – Every Single Day!

I am bad at writing but I have creative stories and plots. Can I have a helping hand? by Sriram Saiteja.

Answer by Sriram Saiteja:

As the saying goes, ‘An expert today, was once a beginner!’

    • You are bad today — WRITE, it doesn’t matter. and tomorrow, try writing something that will not be as bad as today. You get better once your writing muscles get fit. And for that, you need to feed enough protein and exercise.
    • Read every book you can of different narrative styles and gain enough proteins from them and then, mix the exercises — write.
    • It doesn’t matter how much you write or how bad you do it, only thing that matters is — writing something each and every single day. You by yourself, will observe the progress that you’ll make.
    • Jot down all your interesting plots and ideas on a piece of paper — retain the soul in you and just write down the skeleton of it in whatever way you are comfortable. The soul cannot be put on a piece of paper. It has to be in your heart, because it is something that had been fighting to be heard — to the world. So, there is no way you may forget the soul of it. Keep them aside for a while until your muscles are ready for that one big thing.
    • In the meanwhile, take a ‘not so interesting plot’ and try to develop that, make it as interesting as you can. Something that should convince you to continue writing that and something, which would interest the audience as well.
    • Select few of your friends or family and get reviews from them once a week. In that case, you may even go ask a stranger for help as it is not the plot you are too serious about. It is just a plot that you’re exercising with. Once you gain enough confidence about your writing style, you can start working on your, real plot’.
    • And if you are not completely in mood for a bigger thing, just start with the smaller things. In that case, you can write some short stories, articles or even a quote — a day. I had completed a story few weeks ago and I’m void! So, I’m just writing other stuff to keep the muscles healthy.
    • Anyone could give you a hand in delivering the story you want; but, it’s only ‘YOU’ who could convey it’s soul. So, just decide whether you want the world to experience the soul of your story or maybe, just flip pages.
    • Happy writing buddy!

Feel free to drop a mail at: officialdraftwork@gmail.com if you ever need a helping hand or have some queries.

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